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    Phil's first Nauset Surf location. Can you guess where this is in Orleans?


    Nauset Surf Shop is the oldest running surf shop on Cape Cod! Founded in 1965, the history of surfing for this shop began with wax, tees, bikinis and boards. Phil Clark, current owner, acquired Nauset Surf in 1970, straight out of college, and opened his first shop. Over the past 49 years Phil has grown the business. Adapting to the demands of the community, Nauset Surf has seen many changes, becoming Nauset Sports in the 1980’s. Many customers from the 80’s and the 90’s still refer to the shop as Nauset Sports and remember the days of buying their sports equipment here. Everything from cleats and baseball gloves to tennis racquets to skies and hockey gear, we’ve carried it all. With all the changes over the years one thing has always been constant, SURF, we’ve always carried wax, tees, bikinis and boards. Back in 2002 the decision was made to drop the general sports and return to our roots by focusing on everything Surf, Sun and Beach related. Nauset Sports became Nauset Surf Shop once again. For the past 20 years Nauset Surf has been run by the Clark family. Still headed up by Phil, his daughters, Molly and Jamie, joined in on the fun to help run the shop, a true Cape Cod family business! In 2020 we will celebrate 50 years in business, a huge retail accomplishment! With a real love of the ocean and retail you can still find Phil in the line up, now SUPing, or at the shop!

    If on the Cape, come in and meet the family, tell us how we can help make your summer fun! If you’re dreaming of the Cape from a far, visit our new online store and we’ll send a piece of the Cape to you!

    We thank this wonderful community and our awesome customers and employees for all the love, support and hard work! We look forward to supplying you with everything you need for a great day on the beach!


    Phil, Molly and Jamie