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    Shark Shield

    FREEDOM+ Surf (Bundle)
    Designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth.
    The FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed in partnership with Tom Carroll and Ocean & Earth, as a seamless shark deterrent solution for surfboards, with no impact on performance. Surf the way you always have – with just a little more freedom.Powered by Shark Shield Technology, this smart piece of high-tech kit comes with one Transferable Power Module, a Charging Dock with international options, and one Tail Pad / Decal Antenna ready to install on your surfboard. You only ever need one Power Module, so if you have multiple boards – simply buy an extra Tail Pad / Decal Antenna (one per board) and you’re sorted.

    How to install the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf


    XM Sea Snake Surf Leash

    This new color infused striped urethane cord design creates stunning to look at leashes but that's not all... The XM SEA SNAKE premium leash is designed with consideration of nature and research. Have some peace of mind knowing your leash looks like a striped Sea Snake that sharks have been known to avoid. 
    The striped sea snake pattern has been shown to be used all the way back to tribes in the South Pacific 1,500+ years ago. They found it to be a natural way to help deter sharks because of an automatic aversion sharks have to the poisonous striped sea snake. Marine scientist from over 50+ years ago, including Jacque Cousteau, have also been doing research on this and continue to observe that sharks have a natural aversion to contrasting horizontal stripes.
    Look good. Protect your equipment. Protect your life. Worry Less. Surf More!


    Tourniquet Leashes

    The worlds only Surfboard Leash with integrated Tourniquet for surf medical emergencies.

    To use the tourniquet simply PULL to remove the stored strap, insert the end through the Red d-ring WRAP the limb, Velcro, and LIFT the ratchet


    Shark-It Shark Deterrent

    Did you know sharks are color blind?

    Sharks only have one type of photoreceptor in their retinas which essentially means they only see in 'black and white'. Applying a simple striped pattern to the bottom of your watercraft interrupts and confuses a sharks visual senses, and differentiates YOU, from their usual prey.  Although simple, high contrast striping has been proven an effective aid in deterring sharks. 


    Bleeding Control Kit- Individual First Aid Kit


    Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

    Find out important public safety information from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy regarding Cape Cod Beaches and the White Shark Population.
    Click Here  

    Download the Sharktivity iPhone App or the Android App.


    National Park Service

    Shark Safety at Cape Cod.

    Cape Cod Great White Shark Safety
    Shark Facts
    Safety Mitigation and Wildlife Protection
    If you see a shark and Lifeguard is on duty.
    If you see a shark and no Lifeguard is on duty.